Dragon Age Journeys

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    An EA-produced free role-playing game based in the world of Dragon Age: Origins. Players can unlock items in Origins by completing quests in Journeys

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    Dragon Age: Journeys is a turned based role playing game by Ethan Levy (of EA 2D), available at The gameplay can be described as a mix of strategy and tactical roleplaying. It employs a hex based combat system like the Heroes of Might & Magic franchise, albeit on a much smaller scale with only four party members with individual talents and stats.   
    Currently, only the first chapter of the game, entitled "The Deep Roads", is available.  However, EA 2D announced ongoing efforts to create a second chapter entitled "The Darkness Within" as well as an unnamed third chapter.

    Dragon Age: Origins Unlocks

     Players can log into Journeys using their EA Online accounts and unlock specific items in Origins. The items available for unlock are:

    Embri's Many Pockets


    • 5% Fire Resistance
    • 5% Cold Resistance
    • 5% Electricity Resistance
    • 5% Nature Resistance
    • 5% Spirit Resistance

    Helm of the Deep


    • 2 Constitution
    • 10 Mental Resistance
    • 10 Physical Resistance

    Amulet Of the War Mage


    • 5% to Fire Damage
    • 5 % to Cold Damage
    • 5% to Electrical Damage
    • 5% to Nature Damage
    • 5% to Spirit Damage

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