Has anyone ever heard Drew curse?

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#51 Posted by Eaxis (1138 posts) -

Check the tape.

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#52 Posted by development (3009 posts) -

Pretty sure I heard him say "fuck" fairly recently and was surprised by it. Or I made that memory up. Either one.

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#53 Posted by TruthTellah (9809 posts) -

I have a feeling Alexis has.

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#54 Edited by Monkeyman04 (2486 posts) -

Why do I have a feeling that he did during the Octoberkast? Maybe it was just the rest of the people on at the time that he was that were.

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#55 Posted by Kirlia (39 posts) -

Has he not cursed at all during the MGS run so far? No fucks or shits to be found? Not even during some of the worse boss fights? If so, the guy deserves a metal. Or twenty.

I thought I heard him swear once during the Unfinished Gang Beasts video. Something like, "Nope, nope, fuck you" and it was relatively chill sounding compared to Dan and Brad's frequent swearing. But it may have been Dan after all; it was hard to tell whose voice it was.

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#56 Posted by dadjumper (272 posts) -

@mb said:

Drew seems to be one of those people that tries to take a second to consider what they're about to say before actually saying it, I always appreciated that about him.

I definitely agree with this! I love this about Drew.

Like others, I'm pretty sure I've heard him curse every once in a while, but I couldn't pinpoint a specific instance. He's kind of like the opposite of Dan, which is why their pairing is so interesting.

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#58 Posted by MezZa (2675 posts) -

I think I've heard him curse, but I can't remember a specific example. Props to him for not throwing out curse words left and right. I usually only curse when I'm alone with close friends, so its cool to see someone else who shows some restraint as well.

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#59 Posted by SirThirdFilms (209 posts) -

damn it! I was hoping to click on this and see a link or a timestamp of a video, cause I was think of this a week or so ago. I love that he doesn't curse, I think it's awesome but...it's all I wanna hear now

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#60 Posted by MormonWarrior (2943 posts) -

Drew is a perfect gentleman. He's articulate and doesn't curse. It's awesome.

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#61 Posted by LiquidPrince (16859 posts) -

I heard him yell "idiot" in the Metal Gear Scanlon stuff, but that isn't really cursing. Although Dan seems to be rubbing off on him. Soon he'll be throwing out F-bombs like a champ. A foul mouthed champ.

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#62 Posted by dudeglove (12575 posts) -

I have a feeling Alexis has.

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#63 Posted by Yesiamaduck (2150 posts) -

I know I have, I just can't remember when, I think it was on a video with Dan though.

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#64 Posted by gkhan (856 posts) -

I know I have, I just can't remember when, I think it was on a video with Dan though.

Until I see a link and a time-code, I'm gonna assume that you're wrong.

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#65 Posted by FattyLobotnik (74 posts) -

I caught a muffled 'Jesus Christ' under his breath in the last Metal Gear Scanlon. He really was at wit's end.

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#66 Posted by fossas (369 posts) -

We need to find this.

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#67 Posted by Kirlia (39 posts) -

@fossas: If he didn't manage to curse during the last Mario Party Party (which is probably the angriest I've ever seen him), looking for him cursing in any other video will be like finding a very tiny needle in a giant haystack.

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#68 Posted by mjbrune (137 posts) -

We really still haven't found it? I am 100% he has.

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#69 Posted by citizencoffeecake (1322 posts) -

Nah, Drew has a legacy of not cursing. He has stated he likes to come up with more interesting ways of expressing anger, frustration, etc..

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#70 Posted by constantk (50 posts) -

He has stated he likes to come up with more interesting ways of expressing anger, frustration, etc..


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#71 Edited by saispag (93 posts) -

He answered this in his AMA, it's a self imposed ban meant to improve the way he reacts and describes things, he has nothing actually against swearing

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