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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1992

    Dune is a first person adventure strategy game. The player sees the world through the eyes of Paul Atreides and is given the tasks to manage spice extraction and build up military force.

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    The story is loosely based on the novel. The game begins as House Atreides has moved to their new palace on the desert planet Arrakis (aka Dune), after Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV offered House Atreides the right to mine the Spice Melange, the most important substance in the galaxy. Duke Leto Artreides accepted the offer, not only for the wealth provided by spice trading, but also because the Atreides long-time enemies, the Harkonnen, stood to lose their mining rights and thereby their stranglehold on the spice.


    The gameplay is a unique mixture of first person adventure, and strategic management of military and economy. The player controls Paul Atreides who must explore the many secrets hidden in his new home on Arrakis but also visit many different characters to help drive the Harkonnen from Arrakis and make House Atreides the dominant power on Arrakis.

    A Ornithopter outside the Atreides palace
    A Ornithopter outside the Atreides palace

    When the game starts the Atreides family must make friends with the native Freman and that responsibility falls on Paul. In order to travel Paul must use Ornithopters, helicopter like vehicles with the appearance of insects, to travel to the sietches, underground caverns the Fremen use as homes, and convince the leaders of each sietch to work for House Atreides. At first the most important thing is to mine spice, but later in the game Paul can also choose to make the Fremen train as soldiers or specialise in ecology. Soldiers are the only ones who can attack and capture Harkonnen fortresses, and the Fremen who have specialized in Ecology can make the ground fertile, raising the morale of the Fremen, but also making it impossible to mine spice. The Fremen can be trained in all professions, but some Fremen are better suited for some jobs than others.

    A Fremen unit will train or work in the sietch it originates from but can be move to other sietchs or locations, unless the Fremen's morale is too low, then they will refuse to move. Spice is the main currency in the game and can be used to buy new equipment like spice harvesters or more advanced weaponry from smugglers. The Emperor will also demand a spice tribute every once in a while, that must be pay or else the game will be lost. However spice is not renewable and therefore must be spend wisely.

    Sometimes the Harkonnen will attack a sietch. Depending on the experience and profession of the units stationed there and their equipment the sietch may be taken by the Harkonnen, and must be reconquered to be used again.

    As Paul's physic abilities improve, the player can order the Freman leaders around with physic commands. This makes the game a lot easier as Paul is no longer limited to travel by Ornithopter, and only has to travel to speak with specific characters or explore new areas.


    Paul, after drinking the water of life
    Paul, after drinking the water of life

    Paul is the son of Duke Leto Atreides, and is the protagonist of Dune. The game starts with Paul and his family arriving on Arrakis and trying to establish themselves on the inhospitable planet. As the game progresses Paul is forced to become the new duke of House Atreides after his father's death, convince the Fremen to join his cause and defeat the Harkonnen before they completely take over Arrakis.

    Paul's appearance is based on Kyle MacLachlan, who portrayed the same character in the David Lynch movie.

    • Duke Leto Atreides

    The Duke Leto is the head of House Atreides and the father of Paul Atreides. He is a just and wise ruler who tries to improve the lives of his subjects. He is killed in a attack on a Harkonnen stronghold, leaving Paul to take over the reigns of House Atreides.

    • Jessica Atreides

    Jessica is the mother of Paul and the wife of Duke Leto. She is part of the Bene Gesserit, a sisterhood that through immense physical and mental training are able to preform feats beyond that of a normal human. Throughout the game Jessica advices and helps Paul, sometimes using her powers to reveal secrets that were hidden before.

    • Gurney Halleck

    Gurney is the military advisor to the duke of House Atreides. He can help train the Fremen making them into better soldiers.

    • Duncan Idaho

    Duncan is the spice advisor. He informs the player when the emperor demands tribute.

    • Emperor Shaddam IV

    Shaddam is the emperor of the known universe, and owns Arrakis. He regularly demands tribute which must be paid before the deadline or the game is over. Even though Shaddam offered Duke Leto the leadership of Dune, he is still working with the Baron Harkonnen.

    • Harah

    Harah is a Fremen who helps Paul with contacting important Fremen leaders. She seems to be in love with Paul, but never becomes romantically involved with him.

    • Thufir Hawat

    Thufir is a mentat (a human computer) who runs the communication room in the palace. He advices Paul on different matters.

    • Stilgar

    Stilgar is a Fremen leader who works with Paul in order to drive the Harkonnen of Arrakis. He is somewhat of a parental figure for Chani, even though they are not related.

    • Baron Harkonnen

    The Baron is the head of House Harkonnen. He is a grotesquely fat man, who is only able to move with the help of anti-gravity devices. He is a powerful opponent to Leto and Paul, and will stop at nothing to retake Arrakis.

    • Feyd Rautha

    Feyd is the son of the Baron. He is somewhat of a rival to Paul, and preforms several stealth manoeuvres against the Atreides and their allies.

    • Chani

    Chani is the daughter of Liet Kynes. Later in the game she falls in love with Paul and they marry.

    • Liet Kynes

    Liet is a scientist who tries to transform Dune into a lush green planet. He is the father of Chani.

    The Spice Opera

    In 1992 the soundtrack to Dune, composed by Stéphane Picq and Phillip Ulrich, was released as Dune: The Spice Opera by Virgin Records. In 1993 Virgin Records were purchased by EMI and the copyright for the soundtrack was given to them. Stéphane Picq

    Dune: Spice Opera
    Dune: Spice Opera

    tried to acquired the rights to rerelease the album, but was unable to do so. The album has yet to be officially rereleased, making it extremely rare and sought after.


    1. Spice Opera 4.47

    2. Emotion Control 4.19

    3. Ecolove 5.01

    4. Water 3.05

    5. Revelation 6.00

    6. Free Men 6.37

    7. Wake Up 5.14

    8. Dune Theme 5.07

    9. Chanis Eyes 5.03

    10. Sign of the Worm 3.15

    11. Too 4.35

    12. Dune Variation 6.20

    13. Cryogenia 4.26


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