PC Games & I: A Monumental Mento Memento

Since Steam finally got me back into PC gaming, after some decade and a half or so of ignoring it for various reasons (hint: they all relate to how technologically sophisticated my PCs have been, which is to say not very), I figured I'd celebrate by talking about all the junk I used to play on this ol' box of beige.

Because this list is partially dedicated to ArbitraryWater, the main guy of talking about horrible old PC games in these parts, each game has a "AW" score - in this case short for "Aged Well?" - to help out those pondering their next GOG purchase or DOSBox-enabled abandonware download. I ought to give people a reason to read this thing, right? Keep in mind, I actually haven't played some of this stuff for years, so... mostly guessing here.

(Prog in Workress)

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