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    Dungeon Hack

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released 1993

    Dungeon Hack is a first-person dungeon crawler in the vein of the Eye of Beholder and Dungeon Master series, in which the player battles through a 3D dungeon.

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    Dungeon Hack is a first-person roguelike which uses the 2nd Edition AD&D ruleset and is set in the Forgotten Realms. The title of the game is possibly an homage to the classic game Hack.

    Dungeon Hack's biggest plus and difference from other dungeon crawler games of the same era is the ability to generate random dungeons (or enter a seed by hand, so players can compare their success with each other). The game engine (Eye of Beholder III engine) follows the basic formula of dungeon-crawler first-person games, but instead of a four-person party, the player takes control of one brave hero that takes on the minions from the deep. The character generation offers the standard array of D&D classes and races.

    The random dungeons offer ever-new layouts, puzzles and creature distribution. The player can even determine certain parameters themselves such as the length of the overall dungeon in floors, the difficulty of the monsters and the quantity of key puzzles or illusionary walls. These are all factored into the dungeon's seed password.


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