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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1989

    Bloodwych is a classic Dungeon Crawler which features a split-screen two player mode in which each player controls a party of its own.

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    Like the contemporaries of its day, namely Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, Bloodwych has the player control a team of adventurers through dungeons filled with traps, puzzles and hostile creatures using a first-person, four-directional interface.

    Bloodwych had various qualities which made it unique at the time, such as vendors and NPCs you are able to talk to, with additional opportunities to be diplomatic or insulting to them. For instance a vendor could be buttered up, which drops their prices for items.

    Bloodwych allows players four distinct classes - Fighters (melee specialists), Mages (spellslingers), Rogues (make good archers) and the all-rounder Adventurers (generally suited for leaders, as they're more diplomatic than most), represented by the four card suits of spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts respectively. Each champion of each class has a specific color associated to them also, which are needed for specific puzzles later in the game and are also part of the spell system.

    Bloodwych has an expansion pack available, known as the Data Disks, which provided a few extra skills and bonus dungeons.


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