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    Dungeon Lords: The Orb and the Oracle

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Q2 2010

    Was the supposed sequel to Dungeon Lords fantasy ARPG from well-known Ultima and whatnot game creator D.W. Bradley, Heuristic Park, and Dreamcatcher.

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    Plot Overview

    The Elven wizard Emmindor is warned of a re-emergent evil by a mystical vision. An ancient secret society though long destroyed reapper. Emmindor has learned from the Patriarch of the Circle of Mages that the Incaba Dominastra still survives and that she has sent an agent to retrieve the Orb of Oracles. Galdryn, the Patriarch of the Circle of Mages, tells Emmindor that anyone who possesses the Orb of Oracles can see and travel into the future. Galdryn summons the hero and gives him the mission to find Incaba's agent and obtain the Orb. According to legend, the Orb is hidden in the north, beyond the Rothn kingdom and is well guarded. The legends also say that there is an ancient mystic, the Oracle of the Orb, who waits and alone knows where the Orb is and how it might be won from its guardian. The hero then begins his quest seeking out the Oracle.

    Known Features

    1. A fantasy world consisting of indoor and outdoor environments. Environments include shrines, campsites, cottages, countrysides, mountains, woodlands, swamplands, and more. A massive fantasy world filled with non-stop action and meticulously detailed indoor and outdoor environments. Explore shrines, campsites and country cottages throughout the vast rolling countryside, mountains, woodlands, swamplands and more.
    2. Over 25 classes and 3 class tiers. Use a combination of 5 classes from the different tiers, opening different skills for each.

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