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The series that started it all gets a makeover 2

If there were ever a series of games that epitomise the lack of ingenuity and hard saturation that steer gamers away, it'd undoubtedly trace back to Dynasty Warriors. Infamous for constantly releasing title upon title of the same game, along with multiple expansions and sometimes crazy spinoffs, it's no wonder that the series is largely either ignored or frowned upon. Something surprising has happened though. Maybe it's because there hasn't been a good Dynasty Warriors game for over half ...

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Two reviews for the price of one! 0

Koei games require two reviews - one for fans of Koei games, and one for everyone else.For Koei enthusiasts - 60something characters! Hundreds of weapons! POINTS STAGES KEEP HITTING SQUARE AND YOU'LL WIN FOREVER!! Seriously though, 4 storylines and a free-play mode across the entirety of Eastern China? What's not to love! Buy weapons, kill cannon fodder, and upgrade weapons for the next 8 months. Cao Cao has a new outfit, only $4.99 on PSN (200 MSP)!For everyone else -There is something very cat...

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Great 0

Dynasty Warriors is back again with its latest install of the game but how is it and is it just another hack and slash or have the new features made it something more. Well if you've noticed my score already you must be guessing yes? Well yeah they have made changes to the game and added more things. SoWhats new?Well they have added a very in depth storyline which is really quite something. The Storylines have increased in the length of the story of The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms timeline and has...

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A Big Step in the Right Direction 0

 Full disclaimer:  I was already in love with this game when I stumbled upon one little piece of information.  Renbu is gone.  The dumbing down of an already simple combat system is over, and glorious tiered charge attack combos are back.  Thank god.Little did I know that when I popped this fresh new Warriors game into my 360 I was in store for several other pleasant surprises.   Now I'm not going to kid myself or anyone reading this review.  This is a Dynasty Warriors game.  You know what to ex...

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A few changes aren't enough to convert those who aren't avid fans 0

You know, there are a lot of people out there who don’t get the Dynasty Warriors franchise. How does such a singular and simple formula continue to be Koei’s bread and butter after so many iterations? Well I can’t answer that question, nor shall I try. This is a review of Dynasty Warriors 7 as done by a fan of the series since 3. I have fond memories of the first time I played Dynasty Warriors 3 and I will follow the series to the end. Are all of the games good? No. Will I buy them all? Probably...

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