E3 local time Google Calendar for the GB live streams

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I made a public Google Calendar that you can add to your personal calendar, it will automatically convert to you local time zone.

The time is set to the start of the Giantbomb live streams which begins 30 minutes before the conferences. (The PC Gaming Show, Limited Run Games and Devolver Digital will not have a GB live stream and the time is set to the start of the presentation itself, I don't know about EA Play but it's in there.)

Google Calendar doesn't allow me to export notifications, but you can add that quickly yourself by clicking on each event or by going to the calendar settings and setting standard notifications for all the events.

How to add:

Option 1: Click this link.

Option 2: If you don't like Google Calendar you can use this link or this link and add it to your preferred choice.

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Thank you! I'll be road tripping during E3 this year, so it'll be interesting to see if I can tune in on the live broadcasts. Also the Microsoft press conference seems to overlap with the Canadian GP.

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Have they said one way or the other if they plan on covering EA Play at all? I can see them maybe tuning in for the Apex stream.

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Thanks for this! Added. Not exactly hopeful for this years show but I've been watching live ever since the TechTV days so might as well keep doing it.

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Doubt I will be able to watch anything live this year, but I do appreciate this if i do have the time

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I click on the link for Google calendar and nothing happens. Does it not work on mobile?

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I also cannot get this to work on mobile. It just opens the Google calendar app and sits there

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You should add Google Stadia event to this calendar! Secretly became the event I'm most excited for this year lol

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Hey, is there any chance the night show streams could be added to this?

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@teapope said:

Hey, is there any chance the night show streams could be added to this?

This would be great.

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