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An Outstanding Debut 0

 EA, which apparently turned down the UFC license years ago, has crafted their own MMA title based, primarily, on the Strikeforce group. With UFC firmly in a position of dominance in real life and in the video game world, can EA's upstart new franchise provide an alternative?Well, yes. Yes it can.The biggest plus MMA has is that it controls significantly differently than the UFC titles. While UFC relied on precise movements on the sticks for submissions, MMA relies on timing and management...

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Its a fun brawl but lacks a great ground game 0

The UFC is the top dog in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. With EA (at least the time) not having the license, that makes this already a hard sell for a hardcore mma fan let alone a casual fan. EA MMA tries to be a different game than the offering that THQ has available. In many ways this game improves over that games faults but has faults of its own that make it dull at times. The high points are enough to overshadow the lower ones but its hard to ignore what this game lacks in.The most importa...

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EA Sports® MMA - Great game! Honest Review! 0

          I pretty much enjoyed playing this game. The perception of realism was lent by it's moderately paced game speed which worked in near-perfect low contrast to the laws of phsyics. The fighting was pretty stable, not the overly fast-pace gameplay of the THQ® version of MMA digitally assembled into console game (UFC® Franchise). I must admit, I've only played the demo and as many avid gamer should know a demo is a uncompleted version of a video game. Which means that one or two gamers play...

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Great debut into the MMA fighting genre 0

UFC Undisputed's series has been around for a few years now, so it's good to see EA step into the ring (pun intended) to create an MMA game. And for their first effort, it's a damn solid title. The game itself is fairly simple and straight forward and not unlike a lot of other realistic fighting games. There's your basic exhibition mode, but the focus is on the career mode and online multiplayer.If you've played any of the Fight Night boxing series, then you won't be totally unfamiliar with the ...

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