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XBox Live Community Version:

Race to collect crystals while dodging the Echoes shadowing your footsteps in this innovative, seat-of-your-pants arcade game. Try the blend of action and strategy in Arcade Mode, the tense maneuvering of Clockwork Mode, the frenetic pace of Survival Mode or challenge a friend to an intense Duel Match. With dozens of surreal levels across seven unique gameplay modes, there’s plenty for everyone.


PSP minis version:

Delve your way into Echoes, an exciting action puzzle game in which players collect crystals within many surreal, artistic worlds. The player controls Charlie, a girl who was transported to another realm while dreaming in art class. Collect crystals and avoid Echoes the translucent and deadly ghost versions of yourself. Contains dozens of levels among four game modes: Arcade, Jackpot, Survival, and Clockwork. Includes a trophy system to keep you striving for faster times, better scores, and other accomplishments!

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