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    Edge of Twilight: Return to Glory

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Sep 28, 2016

    A steampunk-styled action-adventure from indie developer Fuzzyeyes Studio. In development since 2006, it has been delayed, cancelled, and uncancelled several times. Despite the game's rocky history, it's set to finally be released via Steam in late September of 2016.

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    The world of Hellayem has been ripped in two, the day and night are their own realms. There has been an ancient struggle caused by the greed for an isolated source of energy, between the industrial Atherns and the spiritually inclined Litherns. This struggle was caused by the imprisonment of the Litherns and the ensuing genocide of the Atherns, an apocalyptic event called The Rift. Lex is the only hope of Hellayem, he is the only half breed of these two oppositions and the only one who can exists in both the realms simultaneously. Rejected by society, he is caught in the midst of both civilizations and must travel through both realms to save them from destruction.


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