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Ellen is a witch who is eternally young. Due to the fact that she has lived so long, she has a hard time remembering things. She has long blonde hair and wears a red and white dress. She wears a red bow in her hair, and is never seen without her pet cat, Sokrates.

Touhou 03 - Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

Character Profile

"★ Hardworking witch who dreams of love ... Ellen

~ Ellen is a witch who never grows old. To make up for it, she lives for a very long time.

She does not have a very good memory. She forgets big drops of memories, one after the other, she says.

Because of that, she is always a child.

(She is from Ha○raki○no.)

As such, Ellen is a splendid witch. She is still continuing to be useful for a very long time.

For today, she has fluffy, popping magic."


  • Ellen is a cameo from Hatarakimono, a manga by Izumi Takemoto, who ZUN is a fan of.

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