Chiyuri Kitashirakawa

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    One of the many characters in the Touhou Project, she is the one of the main causes of the events in Touhou 03.

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    Chiyuri is the 15 year old assisstant professor of Yumemi Okazaki who has a Ph. D in comparitive physics. Considering how overly familiar she acts towards Yumemi, it would seem they have more than a boss/subordinate relationship. She has light brown eyes and blonde hair, and she wears a mostly white sailor uniform with a blue neckerchief and a hat.

    She is one of the main causes of the events in Touhou 03 - The Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream (alongside Yumemi), as she wrote the flyer invitation about a wish being granted to the person who entered the "ruins" (which later turns out to be a ship). This makes the people gathered outside have a contest where they will battle each other until only one person is left, and when the survivor enters the ruins, Chiyuri pulls a gun out on her to force her to cooperate, as she believes it is more fun that way. However, this turns out to the opposite of what Yumemi had wanted, so she forces Chiyuri to fight against the survivor so she could collect data about magic. In the end, Chiyuri was defeated, and Yumemi couldn't gather any data at all.


    • Chiyuri's surname, "Kitashirakawa", means "north white river".
    • Chiyuri's appearance and speech patterns are based off a character from Izumi Takemoto's manga, Apple Paradise, Eriko Asagaoka.
    • Chiyuri is thought to be the youngest character in the Touhou series whose actual age is known. If any character was younger at the time of their first appearance, their age was never revealed.


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