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    Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released 2011

    Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle is a free adventure RPG that focuses mostly on character interactions and relationships, with minimal combat. This game contains some adult situations and nudity.

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    After a bit of backstory, the player assumes the role of the Duchess of Elstwhere as she is en route to the Castle Wulfhammer to be married.  Once there, the game allows the player to roam around and meet the Awesome Fellowship, save for the one she is engaged to, Embric, who is out adventuring.   As she waits for Embric to return, the Duchess will get to know the people who inhabit the castle and the surrounding area.


    As much of the game is centered around character development, these descriptions contain minimal spoilers.

    The Duchess of Elstwhere

    At the start of the game, little is known about the player character, except that her uncle was a greedy and unpopular king, until he was overthrown. She is to be married as a means of bringing Embric into the royal family.


    Often viewed as the leader of the Awesome Fellowship, Lord Embric is a typical hero, using lots and lots of swords to win the day.  He is not in his castle when the Duchess arrives.

    Louni Quickfingers

    As the name suggests, Lady Louni is a quick and stealthy rogue, allegedly capable of looting a corpse before it even hits the ground.  She is not fond of anyone snooping around in her room or touching her possessions.

    Falwithwier Windgrace

    Lady Falwithwier is an elf, and a powerful user of magic.  She is also quick to anger, so the Duchess must tread lightly to stay on her good side.

    The Good Dwarf

    Not much is known about the Good Dwarf, as his thick accent makes it hard for the others to understand him.  He spends time in the basement, smelting metal and brewing alcohol simultaneously.


    She is assigned to be the Duchess's personal maid upon arrival at Castle Wulfhammer.  She has a reputation for breaking things due to her rare (for a maid) strength, but is always there to help the Duchess out.

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