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Emporio Ivankov is a member of the Revolutionary army and the king of Okamas in the popular manga and anime series, One Piece.

Ivankov was once a prisoner in the great prison, Impel Down. He and his fellow Okamas stayed hidden on level 5.5, a secret area unknown to the government and a paradise for the Okamas. Eventually, when Monkey D Luffy broke into Impel down to rescue his brother, Portgas D. Ace, Ivankov met Luffy and escaped with him, along with fellow Okama and revolutionary, Inazuma.

Currently, Ivankov has returned to the island of Okamas, where he acts as their leader and king.


Ivankov is a strong advocate of people being who they want to be. As an okama who cross dresses, Ivankov has no doubt been ridiculed for his lifestyle choices.

Ivankov seems to value his comrades and friends above all else. He was willing to put his life on the line to help Luffy save Ace from being executed, and directly opposed some of the strongest individuals in all of the world government, including admirals and the shichibukai.

When Invankov found out Monkey D. Dragon is Luffy's father, he flew back in surprise. He was even more shocked when he realized just how much Luffy had in common with Dragon, such as their strong will to live.

Powers and abilities

Ivankov is the current user of the Horu Horu no Mi (Hormone fruit) which allows him to create various hormones that can alter one's gender and abilities. He is often seen using this ability to transform himself, and occasionally others, into women.

He is also able to produce a hormone called the Tension hormone, a hormone that fools the body into being fully healed, even though the injuries are still present. This ability apparently drastically shortens one's life span.

Ivankov's signature move is his Death Wink, a simple wink that causes air to explode. He can use his Devil Fruit ability to make his head much bigger, creating an even more powerful called Hell Wink.


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