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 Enemy distraction is a mechanic that allows the player to make enemies change their attention elsewhere by creating a diversion.  This diversion would be used to potentially attract them into a deadly trap or flank them for a silent kill. This game play mechanic is almost always used in stealth games.  Action games are prone to use it as well, mostly when stealth is offered as an optional game play component.
 Snake looking at a magazine that  could be used for an enemies distraction.
 Snake looking at a magazine that could be used for an enemies distraction.

Some stealth games allow the player to throw an object that will make noise like a coin or small stones to divert a passing guards attention.  Lures are another method of distraction that can include cigarette packs, wine bottles, soda cans, magazines or even meat.  Also, cutting down the power to shut off the lights in a level is a distraction that will usually cause the enemies to become alert and change their guard path for easier stealth movements.
Another example of distracting enemies can be utilizing NPCs or team members. This includes telling a woman to seduce a guard during a certain time frame or using a disguised member of the current players team to do so.  The distraction in this case can be used to change the orientation of the guard, remove him from his duties for the moment, or make him give up his orders.  A good example of this type of distraction is in Commandos 2.  if the spy has a disguise of a high graded German Colonel or General he can give orders to the soldiers.  Orders include moving to a certain point or looking somewhere in the environment.  There are limitations to the spy character however, that does not allow them to move the soldier anywhere.

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