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Epic Skater 2 is a 2.5D side-scrolling skateboarding game developed by Your Daily Fill for Android and iOS. The game was released on May 22, 2018, and is coming soon to Early Access on Steam.

ES2 features an all-new Create-A-Skater mode with over one billion outfit combinations with update packs on the way. An all new Career mode was also added featuring 26 levels with 9 unique missions in each. Each career level ends with a Banger that sends the skater flying over subway train cars, airplanes, blimps, and multiple lanes of traffic in slow motion. Every completed career level gains access to a new skate spot to add to Endless Mode.

Endless mode features a wide variety of skate spots with Daily Challenges, and a Dynamic Goal system for a light and deep, progressive gameplay that rewards Create-A-Skater gear, upgrades to every skate trick, Perks, and crates full of loot.


Epic Skater 2 was developed by Andy Gentile, John Sahas, and Todd Wahoske. The three met one another while working together at Neversoft Entertainment (RIP). They worked together directly on several games for the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Guitar Hero series.

Development of Epic Skater 2 began in August, 2016. The team rebuilt the game from the ground up, placing a lot of focus into the new Career gameplay, player mechanics and game progression.

Shortly after releasing for mobile, the three wanted to bring the experience to Steam and Consoles. The game is now Coming Soon on Steam, and is currently working towards a release on Nintendo Switch.


  • Create-A-Skater with over 600 gear, clothing, and accessories to customize the skater and deck to look the way users want.
  • 26 Career Mode levels loaded with 9 challenges each, and access to a new endless skate spot after completing each
  • Endless Mode with 1500+ goals to keep grinding
  • More than 44 unique & upgradeable tricks for epic combos
  • Grabs! Hold the grab button and swipe for style and huge points.
  • Turn around! Turn around to grab items, or use wallplants to reach higher areas.
  • Skate Quarter Pipes, Acid drop, and spine transfer for big air
  • Use boost pads to get items and find secret areas
  • Skate and Destroy! Destroying obstacles adds to combo scores
  • Epic Skater 2 on mobile is Free to Play

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