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    Ermen Palmer

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    An assassin that is after Travis rank near the end of No More Heroes.

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    Ermen Palmer appears at the very end of the game during both the "ending" and "good ending" cutscenes. While Travis is sitting on the toilet after becoming the number 1 assassin, Jupiter slices the bathroom door in half with a beam katana, similar to the way Travis breaks in Death Metal's door in the opening cutscene. Travis asks Ermen for privacy, which he declines, telling him that ranking fights "don't work like that." The "ending" finishes with a circle wipe of Travis' face and him saying "You've gotta be shitting me!" - Ermen presumably kills Travis, making this a sort of "bad ending" or downer ending. The "real ending" continues past this point, with Henry entering after Travis' exclamation and cutting Ermen in half at the waist. 
    Ermen palmer's face is never revealed during the entire cutscene - first his face is completely obscured by pitch-black cel-shading, then the camera completely cuts out his head. He is carrying a book in his pants labelled "Jupiter" in the real ending, which is cut in half with him.


    - Ermen Palmer closely resembles Garcian Smith from Killer7 - he is wearing glasses - as Garcian is wearing in a trailer - is African American and an assassin, and wears a white suit.

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