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    Travis Touchdown

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    The anime-loving, Mexican wrestling-watching protagonist of No More Heroes. He must become the #1 ranked assassin to achieve his goal of sleeping with Silvia Christel.

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    Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes, Travis Touchdown is a 27-year-old American assassin. Travis is depicted as an otaku obsessing over anime, video games and Lucha Libre icons. His favorite anime is called “Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly,” and he owns many posters and shirts depicting the series’ sexy lady characters, as well as a large-scale model of a robot featured in the series "Pure White Giant Tiny Glastonbury".

    Becoming an Assassin-No More Heroes 1


    Travis’ life changes the day he runs out of money to pay for video games. He decides to become a hitman, and orders a beam katana (similar to a light saber). To get money, Touchdown accepts a hit on fellow assassin Helter Skelter, who is ranked 11th by the United Assassins Association. When the hit is complete, Travis is ranked number 11, putting a target on him for assassins wishing to be ranked by the UAA. Rather than wait for new assassins to challenge him, Travis makes it his goal to become the number one ranked assassin, thus allowing him to get with Sylvia, the UAA’s sexy European correspondent.

    Complex Family

    At the end of No More Heroes, it is revealed that Travis is not an only child- apparently fellow assassins Jeane and Henry are his half sister and twin brother respectively. It's also implied that he had a relationship of sorts with Jeane in the instruction booklet, no big deal. And his brother had also been married to his object of desire, Sylvia, for ten years.


    • The character Travis Touchdown is based off of the actor Johnny Knoxville and the wrestler Josh Barnett.
    • Travis bought his first Beam Katana from "an online auction site." Quite possibly, eBay.
    • In the DS version of Flower, Sun and Rain there is an unlockable Travis Touchdown skin for the main character.
    • Suda 51 was not happy with the animation of the wrestling techniques, so he tried the actual moves on the animators.
    • Touchdown's beam sword was based on the "Schwartz" light sabers from the Mel Brooks film, Spaceballs.
    • Certain details of Travis, such as the jingling keys in his pocket and the cat he owns, are based on his creator, Goichi Suda.
    • Travis Touchdown makes an appearance in the comic book Scott Pilgrim-Volume 6: Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour.

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