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Plot Significance

Jeane is Travis Touchdown's cat in the game No More Heroes. By choosing her option in the apartment menu, Travis can interact with Jeane by feeding her, petting her or playing with her. These interactions are quick, having the player press A four times to complete and serve no real benefit to Travis.

Jeane is shown to run away when Travis is Rank IV during story mode. During this time, the Jeane option cannot be chosen in Travis apartment. She will later be seen in Speed City, just before fighting the Rank III Assassin, Speed Buster. Once Speed Buster is defeated, Jeane will return to Travis' apartment and can be interacted with again.

It is revealed at the end of the game that Jeane shares the same name as Travis' half sister, Jeane.

No More Heroes 2

Jeane returns in the sequel, this time with a more heftier role. She is noted to have gained a lot of weight since the first game, and it is up to Travis to help her burn off those pounds. Selecting her in Travis' apartment allows players to play one of five different exercise mini games. Each one can be played once an in-game day, and help reduce Jeane's in game weight.

Accompanying these mini games is a mood rater which dictates Jeane's attitude. The happier she is, the more weight she will lose during these mini-games. Successfully reaching Jeane's weight goal rewards Travis with a new special ability, but other than that she plays no other role in the game's story.


According to supplemental materials, Jeane is of the "Scottish Fold" breed. Unlike real Scottish Folds, however, her ears do not flop down.


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