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ESPN Final Round Golf 2002 is a golfing game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Nagoya and published by Konami of America (Konami Corporation in Japan and Europe) for Game Boy Advance.

The game is simply known as ESPN Final Round Golf in European releases and JGTO Golf Master: Japan Tour Golf Game in Japan.


Hitting the Ball
Hitting the Ball

ESPN Final Round Golf 2002 is a traditional style golf game. When starting a hole, players are given a fly by over the course. Players are then given the over head view in order to aim the shot. The view can be changed by pressing up or down on the D-Pad to switch between the over head and on the ground.

The game uses a traditional three click method of hitting the ball. The first click of the A button will start the golfer's swing. The second click locks in the power of the hit. The third click then sets the accuracy.

Game Modes

There are four main game play modes available in ESPN Final Round Golf 2002.


Tournament mode has players choosing one of fourteen available characters. Once a character is chosen, players then compete in match style play across eighteen total holes. The player with the lowest score at the end of all eighteen holes is the winner.

Choosing a Tournament
Choosing a Tournament

There are five total tournaments that players can take part in:

  • The Legends Championship - Par 72
  • The Southern Classic - Par 72
  • The Grand Autumn Tournament - Par 72
  • U.S. Championships - Par 72
  • World Championships - Par 72

Stroke Play

Stroke play allows players to play a single game using any character on any hole. The courses are the same ones used in the tournament mode.

Match Play

Match play allows players to play with another human player, passing the Game Boy Advance system back and forth. In match play players are awarded a point for each hole they win by getting the ball in to the cup in the least amount of shots. The player with the most amount of holes won at the end is declared the winner.


Practice mode allows players to choose a hole to play alone using a chosen character and hole.

Regional Differences

The Sports Caster
The Sports Caster

While the Japanese and US/EU versions are similar, there are a few differences in the Japanese version of the game. In Japan, the game uses the JGTO license, which stands for Japan Golf Tour Organization.

The game uses the likenesses of real JGTO golfers, but in an anime style. Another style difference in the Japanese version is a TV like presentation with sports casters giving updates during matches.

The biggest difference in the Japanese versions is the inclusion of the VS mode. This mode must be played before the tournament mode.

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