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Eternal Battlefield is a top-down arena brawler developed and published by Shenzhen Huanjing Technology Co. for the PC and released on steam December 23, 2019. A mobile version of the game is in the works, but a spokesperson for the company did not give details on any release dates.

Though the game's first release was on steam and could only be played on PC, Eternal Battlefield's UI and monetization system are easily recognizable as built for a mobile experience. It is speculated that the steam version of the game was used as a beta version to iron out any kinks before a mobile launch.


The object of Eternal Battlefield is the same as any other royale-style game: be the last team standing. 4 teams of 2 players compete in an arena that slowly shrinks as the game progresses. Players start with a hero and 4 units. The hero follows the player's cursor while the army follows the hero. Using the automatic attacks of the units, the player must go around killing neutral creeps or enemy units scattered across the arena, all of whom provide "souls" and xp.

There are two types of summon in Eternal Battlefield:

  • Respawn - Lose all souls stored from unit kills and summon soldiers based on the souls stored up to a supply cap (based on level). The type of units spawned from this technique is random.
  • Recruit - Spend Money to summon units of your choice. A unique version of the unit sporting stronger stats is summoned along with the normal units.

Only units of the appropriate level may be summoned using either technique.

Although the hero does not attack, its "hero ability" is unlocked at level 4.

Unit Setup

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There are 3 races to choose from: Elves, Undead and Humans. After selecting a race, 7 slots are available to the player to customize their army, each with 2 options. The hero slot notwithstanding, starting from the left, every subsequent slot holds more powerful units than the last.

Each unit has both "normal" stats and stats that belong to their unique version. When upgrading units using the meta summon feature, only the unique versions of units are upgraded.


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