Autumn Steam Sale 2013: Euro Truck Simulator 2

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You too can enjoy the thrill of monstrously slow and tedious driving with Euro Truck Simulator 2, and at an even more enticing price of only $8.49!

Buy today, and Drive for Giant Bomb Zaibatsu!

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I assume all things Steam Autumn/Spring Sale are discussed here.

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It ain't tedious, I generally really like this game. Something about is is so, relaxing. Trucking around Europe listening to a French radio station that only plays 80s music is fantastic. It's just great, I don't have a wheel or nothin I just play with keyboard and mouse but I do have a track ir which does make the experience that little bit better. Also, world of trucks!

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So, are you gonna make a thread like this for every single game in the autumn sale?

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