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Developers: Keita Takahashi, Adam Saltsman

Control anthropomorphic letters through ten short obstacle courses, controlling them by pressing their keyboard keys.


Developer: Kieran Nolan

Operate a series of game controllers (based on real historical controllers) with a virtual hand.

Coureur des bois

Developer: Tamas Kemenczy

An "action/survivalist canoe simulation". (The title is French for "woodsman")


Developer: Vince Mckelvie

Escape a facility by using depth perception and perspective to modify the environment.

Electronic Fortune Teller

Developer: Party Time! Hexcellent!

Read your horoscope and test love compatibility. Unlike the other games, this is a NES cartridge image and requires an emulator (or potentially, an actual NES) to play.


Developer: Noah Sasso

Get to the escape pod in a space station where everything is deadly and out to get you.

Golden Age: Moths

Developer: Resn

Guilded Youth

Developers: Jim Munroe, Matt Hammill

An illustrated text adventure about a fourteen-year-old adventurer on a BBS in the 1980s.


Developer: Steve Swink

"A mind-bending game about outwitting your keyboard."

Irrational Exuberance

Developer: Ben Vance

A "mystery playground at the end of the world", with the player exploring several floating structures. The game supports, but does not require, the Oculus Rift.


Developer: I♡PRESETS (Rob Ray, Jon Satrom, Jason Soliday)

A "3D-game-space-album" in which the player moves a Dell desktop computer tower around an abstract landscape.

LA Death Disk

Developers: Beau Blyth, Roger Hicks, Robin Arnott

A 2D disc game with a retro "8 bit" design (with a passing resemblance to Windjammers, albeit with one vertical and one horizontal dimension) for 2 or 4 players involving throwing a disc into the opposing goal with the assistance of throws, jetpack dashes and double jumps, with the catch that the disc explodes if held continually for too long.


Developers: Raquel Meyers, Jens Nirme, Goto80

Help monkeys to play acid pop music (in a game of even more retro design than LA Death Disk) by pressing each monkey's key in time with the rhythm.


Developers: jonCates, Jake Elliott

I don't understand


Developer: David Calvo

An "experiment in transgenderism between comic books and games", with all art entirely hand-drawn or watercoloured.

Perfect Stride

Developer: Arcane Kids

A first-person "maximalist skater", based on old school FPS movement exploits (Quake jumping, Tribes skiing, CS surfing).

Piano Basketball

Developer: Jeremy Bailey


Developers: Plateau of the Galaxy

A game for four players about "secretly pooping in a hot tub and blaming it on your friends". The game can be played with keyboard or controllers, but the developers recommend creating a custom 'butt pad' controller for the ultimate experience.


Developer: Brenna Murphy

Explore an alien outpost in an expanse of nothingness.


Developers: Ian Gouldstone, David Surman, Paul Callaghan

Described as a playable picture, the title refers to "the suburban birthplace of artist Leigh Bowery, and Australia’s image as the 'Land of Sunshine'".

To My Favourite Sinner

Developers: Molleindustria

A 2 player cooperative kissing game, meant to be played by only two specific people. Quoting the backstory from the game's readme:

we are both dead. Hell exists and we are stuck in the second circle - our sin is most definitely lust. Our punishment is to be blown about by a continuous wind.

We can try to chase each other to enjoy a brief, blissful moment. Every time our characters touch each others the game pauses for a moment and we have to kiss in real life.

The game itself is eternal like the damnation, but at some point the play is meant to transition into foreplay.


Developer: TR-404

A 2 player competitive game using only two keys on the keyboard (P and Q, one for each player). Pressing both charges a bar, with a border moving away from whichever player keeps their key pressed longest without overheating.


Developer: Santa Ragione

A "tribute to video rentals from the 90s". Play a video clerk and try to match requests to customers, getting tips or losing money depending on the match. The game includes a large number of real (but often obscure) VHS title covers in genres like horror and SF.


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