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Games I own with incomplete wiki pages

UPDATE 2: I own over a thousand games now, technically (all on PC, and almost entirely download-only). So this list is probably woefully out of date in terms of personal coverage. On the other hand, I doubt many of the game pages have been improved since I listed them here so there's no need to delete it.


Also titled, "Games I own and have never touched so this is possibly motivation to play them, I guess". Not every game is a global phenomenon, but they don't deserve to be forgotten!

No point listing games I own with good pages. When (if) I improve a page, I'll delete it from here.

Games that I have but can't find here or match definitively I have enough points to make pages now, problem solved

  • Model Train Simulator 2011
  • O.R.B.: Offworld Resource Base
  • "Victorian Admirals Anthology"
  • Police Simulator 2
  • Smashbox
  • DROD: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder (does the DROD stand for something?)
  • Private Infiltrator
  • Tri, which is probably here already but impossible to find
  • Snajper
  • Rally Championship 2000 already existed as Mobil 1 British Rally Championship
  • Gun Disassembly, if that counts as a game
  • Jazz: Trump's Journey
  • Pulse Shift
  • New Orbit
  • Drip Drip
  • Alliance Future Combat
  • Fleet Command
  • Panzer Killer
  • And (literally) hundreds more games that I haven't yet checked the wiki pages for!

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