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    Neo Scavenger

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    Neo Scavenger is a post apocalyptic turn-based roleplaying survial game.

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    After 4 years of development, 3 of which were in open beta, Neo Scavenger was released on Steam on December 15, 2014. It is the first game released by indie studio, Blue Bottle Games, founded by Bioware veteran Daniel Fedor. The game is a 2D turn-based survival roleplaying game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

    At the start of every game, you play a character who wakes up in an abandoned laboratory wearing a hospital gown. With no memory of your identity, your past, or what happened the world around you, you wander out into the wilderness in search of answers and the means to survive.


    Character Creation

    When starting a new game, you must generate your character to play. You may choose 4 skills from a pool of more than a dozen. Every skill is useful in particular situations, such as Melee Combat, which improves your success in melee fights and lets you perform headbutts, or Trapping, which helps you track animals and hunt for food.

    Additionally, you may choose up to 5 optional traits that generally bestow some sort of penalty, such as increased hunger generation or reduced vision range. For each trait you take, you may pick a bonus skill or your choice.

    The player may also choose to generate a character that is fully randomized.

    World Map

    Traveling takes place on the world map, which is an isometric hex-based grid. Each turn you may move a number of hexes determined by your skills and stats. Each hex may contain locations you can scavenge, items you can collect or use, other characters you can encounter, terrain, weather, and more.

    Other options you have on the world map include making camp to spend the night, hiding or spying on pursuers or nearby creatures, and covering their tracks to reduce their chances of being followed.

    Encounters and Combat

    When you encounter another character, you have many options for dealing with them. You may try to talk, threaten, surrender, flee, or others depending on the circumstances and your skills.

    If a fight breaks out, the major tactical factors to consider in combat are the range between the combatants, the roughness of the intervening terrain, and the status effects on each combatant. Status effects influence what options each combatant can choose from and their success rates. For example, while prone, you have the special option to grab the legs of your enemy to attempt to drag them to the ground, but you do not have the option to headbutt. Some of your combat options include charging, tackling, headbutting, shooting, parrying, dodging, rolling, retreating, taking cover, hiding, and fleeing. Combat is text-based, with the player selecting one of the available options, and the game displaying the outcome of each turn with a brief, sentence or two, description.


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