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If only they were on PC

I've never bothered to buy a console and I never had one as a kid - instead I've just stuck with PC gaming. Unfortunately, this does mean I've missed out on all the games that were only available on console, and there have been some cracking ones over the years.

I don't really hold out hope that these will ever be properly ported - perhaps one or two of the newer ones have a chance, but that's it. This is closer to a dream wishlist if, for instance, a mysterious uncle dies and I inherit his enormous videogame collection.

I'm not going back further than around the N64 era. And I've tried to keep it free of games that seem to need nostalgia to still be entertaining (Perfect Dark versus some generic James Bond shooter... exaggerating, but the latter isn't on here).

This list will probably grow over time as I discover games. Position is meaningless.

List items

  • Great use of the WiiU screen makes this hard to translate - the PC seems like the second-best option, with numerous keyboard buttons and accurate pointing devices, but I doubt it would do it justice.

  • Perhaps it's good I'll never play it, because I accidentally spoiled all the good bits anyway.

  • I'd probably play them on the easiest difficulty, but just watching a video of someone else playing these doesn't seem satisfying.

  • I played a PC game that turned out to be a knock-off of these kind of games. Unfortunately it was... exceedingly underwhelming... but that just makes me wish I could play the originals even more.

  • This is one of two games I watched someone play in its entirety, apart from speedruns (the other being a 'documentary' playthrough of Trespasser). I most the munch of it, but it's be nice to through anyway the most.

  • No special comments - it just seems like a unique, interesting game.

  • You'll never hear me say I love Quantic Dream's games, but I've didn't regret playing them.

  • Yeah, yeah, you get the idea. (Or not. I forgot the order of games isn't consistent. But you will.)

  • Indie developers on PC are equally creative, but their budgets are usually a little smaller...

  • At least one is on PC, but not all of them!

  • I love the concept and setting, know nothing about the quality of the game. Heard bad things about the second game though.

  • I had a version of one of the games that was ported to (made for?) my phone. It was terrible.

  • It took me a lot of searches like "stretching tube creature" and "game swallow things reach planet" to find the name of this game.

  • I played a bit of the first on someone else's console and it wasn't that amazing, but the latter games seem much more interesting.

  • Looks a lot more fun than most of the helicopter sims I've tried. (Don't confuse it with the Zamboanga City crisis.)

  • They might not be incredible milestones in gaming history, and I don't care about multiplayer, but the big console FPS franchises would still be fun to play. (Halo won't show up here, not because it has been ported, but because the games I played weren't that entertaining.)

  • The Wii has a few other cute games, like that Kirby quilted one, which could easily belong here too. No Marios though!

    Update: This one came out!

  • To be honest, I'd probably rather play Forza, and there's no shortage of racing games on the PC - but I'd still like to see what it's all about and gameplay videos miss the point.

  • Something about orbs? Also, the latest one has incredible levels of destruction.

  • I watched the Quick Look of this and it looked pretty entertaining. I don't really know anything else about it, or the earlier games. Maybe it doesn't belong?

  • Depending on how this list is arranged, you may have noticed a theme of 'disaster' games - what can I say, things getting destroyed with no actual risk is fun. (Red Faction: Guerrilla is one of my favourite games of all time.)

  • I wouldn't even know of Tokyo Jungle if it wasn't for this website, but I sure wish I could play it.

  • I loved the series and it's always annoyed me that I couldn't play the third. Maaaybe there's a bit of nostalgia on this entry.

  • I don't speak Japanese, but it's not like I was going to get a chance to play it anyway, so it can stay here.

  • The lack of a PC port has never bothered me, and I'd probably rather play the modern-day GTA games, but there has to be some reason people who have played it are so enthusiastic about it.

  • Racing AND things getting destroyed? Sign me up. (But not for FUEL, which was on PC but had atrocious rubber-banding among other problems.)

  • Mech games on PC don't need fancy controllers when you have actual keyboards, but it would certainly be a unique experience. I have no idea if the game itself is any good, by the way.

  • My only knowledge of this is the Quick Look which looked fantastic and the Wikipedia page which said it was kind of mediocre. Probably why the ports never materialised, which is a shame.

  • Two War of the Worlds games on this list? Hey, it's a good setting! While a PC game came out at the same time and even shared assets, they apparently had very different gameplay.

  • Unless these games are particularly shmuppy, space combat is always good.

  • I saw Jeff playing a few minutes of this once, and that was enough to make me interested. The closest on PC is perhaps Little Inferno, which ironically is also complete garbage.

  • Another game that's hard to find if you don't remember the name.

  • Surely among the worst games on this list - eh, nobody's perfect.