Becoming pure?

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Hi, I'm just having trouble because i cant seem to get back to pure again. I am almost full good, but my corruption seems to be right at the end. Ive tried everything (giving people gifts, eating good foods ect.) but i just can't seem to bring it back up to pure. Any help will be appreciated.

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Buy some property if you don't already, then lower its prices; every time you make money, you will become more pure.

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I had the same problem; I was hovering around the middle point of the slider bar and couldn't really get it to move.  Then at a loading screen it said jacking up prices on properties you own is corrupt but lowering them is pure.  So, after spending some time making swords, I bought up most of the properties at the gypsy camp (they're all relatively cheap and they wouldn't return much back to my pocket anyway) and I dropped all the rents as low as I could on every one.  Within an hour the slider was pretty much maxed out at the pure side and everyone in town loved me almost instantly.  Also, if you don't have that kinda gold to throw around and wanna work on it right away, there are a few expressions that work well at getting you pure points if the people you gather like them: fart, belch, hat-headband-moustache, and sock-puppet.  Little kids and men are safest to do those around, women are very hit-and-miss.

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