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    Face Pilot

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 26, 2010

    Using the DSi's front-facing camera, Face Pilot tracks your head to put you in control of a hang glider.

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    Take flight over Wuhu Island in a hang glider and really get into the game with Face Pilot's head tracking controls. You can also snap a picture of yourself that is applied to the 3D model of your in-game pilot for pre-flight cutscenes and victory screens.  

    Head Tracking Gameplay 

    The tagline is 'Fly With Your Nintendo DSi Camera' and that's the only way to play the game, although two modes are offered. Table Play provides the game a steady surface to track your head from, requiring you to lean left, right, back and forward to steer, dive and climb. In Handheld Play mode you hold the DSi and tilt both it and your head to play. In either mode you're image is displayed on the bottom screen and a helmet graphic is applied over your head to give you some idea of how the game is tracking your moves. The top screen offers a first-person view that shows the tip of your hang glider and your hands that rotate around the bar as you steer to give you more spatial awareness. 
    Three modes of play are available, one that requires you to guide your hang glider through balloons to gain enough time to reach the goal, another that lets you throw balls at targets for high scores, and a speed run mode. Fifteen courses are on offer, set around the DS's slimmed down version of Wuhu Island and each has multiple goals. Tracking down hidden medals and stars, as well as setting high scores and fast times, unlocks extras like new courses and glider designs.

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