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Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a Bethesda Studios game. I personally don't mind what that means. Yes it has it's glitches and bugs along with NPCS getting in my way and sometimes not responding to quest related moments.But I loved Almost every minute of the hundred or so hours spent in Bethesda Studios latest gem of a game.

It seems like a fair assumption to say I've been witness to an overwhelming amount of content in this game ,but true to form from Bethesda I still have unfinished quests and paths I missed entirely due to the choices I made. In the future I see myself replaying the game as a melee character (or one of the many other builds available) and going down the roads I had to sadly shy away from in the story choice moments.

The weapon play is miles ahead of where it was in the last two Fallout titles which was a nice change from a game play perspective. I found myself only using VATS once or twice and that was for comedic effect, not necessity. So thanks to the improved gun play I found myself following a skill tree that had nothing to do with VATS. Nothing against VATS but I enjoyed playing a fallout game as a shooter. On top of that the crafting of armor and weapons is a nice addition , that I cant wait to see in the next scrolls game!

The writing in some of the quest lines is better than it's ever been. I found myself not wanting to go to sleep at times just so I could see a quest line or story beat through to the end. Which has happened in previous Bethesda games but I feel like quality of side quests has been curated even more to a level of me loosing my self in side quests for hours and forgetting where i was at in the main story line . They built upon their already abundant skill to deliver what I think to be the best writing in Bethesda Studios made game yet.

I also spent an inordinate amount of time with the city builder components of the game. Although I saw no real in game advantage to working on a city anymore than the main quest line makes you. Regardless it really scratched the crafting/builder itch I have . Once I got used to some of the janks in the building/assigning citizens to tasks, I was hooked to this aspect of the game . Even now I have empty settlements that I want get into building up into a thriving city.That i will soon complete.

In my opinion this is the best Bethesda game to date. Any fair criticism i understand . Yes it has it's issues but they were blinded out to me from the sheer splendor that I've only seen in Fallout 4.

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