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So, I've got the Brotherhood power armor and I know I need to learn how to use it in order to wear it. But how do I learn how to use it? I'm getting F'd in the B every time I run into a group of enemies like Legionaries or whatever I have no armor period. But I've got that fuckin' Brotherhood armor just sitting there. So, where do I need to go and what do I need to do to use it? Also, what other good armor do you guys know about?

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go visit the brotherhood of course! do their quest line, you should get power armor training.

Alternatively, if you go get Arcade (he's in freeside, in the old mormon fort) and do his quest (For Auld Lang Syne) you get power armor training that way.

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That makes a whole lot of sense! Where are the Brotherhood?

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@freedo: You might have figured this out already but the Brotherhood is in Hidden Valley, which is northeast of the NCR prison. It's a fenced-in place with a couple of bunkers scattered about.

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You could also buy combat armor from Gun Runners which is pretty good armor and not as heavy.

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In the Hidden Valley if I remember correctly it's about two minutes walk from that mining town.

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Hey don't blame you not having armor if you suck at fighting legionnaires. My character fought the Second Battle of Hooverdam in a Wasteland Doctor's outfit. And she outrun the final boss.

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Financed in the Bank?

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