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    Fame Douglas

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Father of Helena Douglas and the president of DOATEC.

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    Fame Douglas is the founder of DOATEC, the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee.  He established the first Dead or Alive tournament, an international fighting competition, and offered a large cash reward to the winner.  However, despite its name, DOATEC is also a large and powerful weapons research and development firm.  Despite being a key figure in the Dead or Alive storyline, he did not physically appear in the series until Dead or Alive: Dimensions.
    As a man of luxury and status, Douglas took numerous mistresses and is known to have fathered two daughters.  The first was Helena, born to the opera singer Maria.  Helena was raised with the Douglas name and grew up to become an opera singer like her mother.  His other daughter was Kokoro, born to Miyako, a Japanese geisha.  However, Miyako left Douglas and DOATEC behind and raised Kokoro on her own.
    Douglas was assassinated by Bayman following the conclusion of the first Dead or Alive tournament.  Victor Donovan, a DOATEC research scientist, ordered the hit, as Douglas was an obstacle to his goals.  A subsequent assassination attempt was conducted against Helena, Douglas's only publicly known heir; however, Maria saw the assassin and sacrificed herself to protect her daughter.

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