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A Bit Short, But It's Fun

Last year, in the some what late fall I went out and sold my Xbox and everything I had that had to do with my Xbox. Why? I sold it all in order to purchase two much anticipated pc games; both of which I might add were well received by the gaming community. Those games were Call of Duty 2 and F.E.A.R. Have you not heard of F.E.A.R? Well then, let me tell you, “You all deserve to die.”
Extraction Point is the not much anticipated expansion pack to F.E.A.R and the gaming community didn’t receive it as well as the original. Extraction Point of course includes the fast-paced kinetic firefights from F.E.A.R along with some much needed, pant-pissing, mouth drooling, hair pulling, eyes widening moments of disgust, despair, and fear. TimeGate Studios, the team responsible for the expansion, knew what it could add and improve on which is giving us more of the same. TimeGate seems to have proven itself in continuing the fear experience by incorporating every Japanese Horror Film cliche in the book while improving just how much you will jump with the randomness of when these pant-pissing moments occur. Now here is a very watered-down version of the back-story to this game. You are one of two sons to a woman named Alma, her sons were taken away, she got mad, and she died. One of her sons, Fettel, wants to avenge her mother and take you down with him and her. In addition, its hell, which hell is war. It is assumed you know all this, because well, you need the first game to be able to install this game so…play them in order. Not much story is told though, in-fact, more questions are implied than answers and sometimes it is just confusing and you’ll want to wonder why they made this game. Without any real continuation of the amazing plot with twist and turns like the original what is the point? Graphics and sound are of-course amazing in this just as the first and if you want the full ambient visceral feel of the game play in the middle of night with all the lights off, windows and doors locked, and the volume all the way up. You’ll be in for a ride of your life that no Horror game has ever been able to deliver before this. With the addition of I believe 2 new weapons and some new enemies it really adds to the value. While the two new weapons; mini-gun and same odd rail gun are more of let downs than added fun. The two or four new enemies provide some more intense drama as you try to defeat them with your already assorted array of guns and grenades. Like the first game though, you will use really only two of your guns and two types of grenades. Over all, F.E.A.R Extraction Point is more of the same F.E.A.R that we love pissing our pants to. The kinetic action with the much more intense fear you feel will add to anyone’s love for the game. While not adding much graphically, and offering some different areas you fight in; a church and subway. You’re still running through dark corridors of sewers and decrepit buildings in one of the ugliest cities ever seen. The game lacks length and extension of the plot. So, if you’re looking for plot, just wait for F.E.A.R 2. If you want more of the same kinetic heart racing action and hair standing fear then pick it up. With around three to five hours of game play and the ability to pickup the game for $20 then this isn’t a bad deal. Just feels like we are being fooled until the next chapter in the series hits store shelves.

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