Game » consists of 12 releases. Released 1987

    The wizards Learic and Leanoric have a long-standing feud. You play as Learic with the entire goal being to off your rival.

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    Feud is a battle to the death between two wizard brothers. The protagonist Learic and the computer controlled Leanoric.


    The game revolves around collecting, mixing and casting of spells. You move round the world map collecting herbs returning to your cauldron to mix the collected ingredients. You then use your spells to attack Leanoric.

    As you move round the game world collecting herbs your brother Leanoric is doing the same, you both have the same spellset. An on screen compass directs you towards Leanoric who will chase you down to attack you when he has a strong set of attack spells mixed.


    All of the versions were comparable except for the C64 version which the programmer disregarded the carefully designed map breaking the feature of Leanoric moving round the map, instead he would appear on screen at intervals from a random edge of the screen.


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