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    Fez Hat

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    A felt cap in the shape of a truncated cone, traditionally red, and usually adorned with a tassel.

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    Named after the town of Fez, Morocco, fezzes rose to popularity and prominence during the latter portions of the Ottoman Empire, and are widespread fashion accessory throughout the Mediterranean and the Near East. In Western pop culture they usually connote eccentricity, exoticism, and leisure.

    The Fez in Video Games

    The most notable example of a fez in video games, may be in the 2012 puzzle-platformer, Fez, named after the hat itself. Near the start of the game, the protagonist, Gomez, receives a fez which lets him rotate his previous 2D world in three dimensions; the core mechanic of the game. In the Viva Piñata games fezzes are a purchasable accessory for piñatas, with the Cinnamonkey piñata requiring one to romance with other members of its species.

    In Team Fortress 2 the "Familiar Fez" is an unlockable accessory which can be worn by the Spy and is part of the Saharan Spy set. Similarly, in Karaoke Revolution Party, the fez is an item of clothing wearable by characters after the player has earned 1,500,000 total points. The title character of Disney's Aladdin has also been depicted wearing a fez, as has the character of Sallah in the Indiana Jones games, and some of the enemies in The Operative: No One Lives Forever.


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