How essential is the QR Code element of FEZ?

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#1 Posted by Lenny (96 posts) -

I have a real shitty old phone as I couldn't really care about mobile phone... I therefore can't access the QR code data in the game.

Is this a major fuck up in terms of me getting deep into the games hidden goodness? I'm not too far in at present and haven't really felt I'm missing out yet.

Apologies if there is a thread on this already, a quick search didn't find one and I don't want to be looking in puzzle threads in case of spoilery-ness.

Thanks folks,


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#2 Posted by Saethir (370 posts) -

As far as I know, there are alternate solutions to all the QR code stuff. I believe you should be fine.

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#3 Posted by Lenny (96 posts) -

@Saethir: That's reassuring to know. Thanks!

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