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So EA is putting Fifa 13 out on everything including Playstation 2. I don't normally play Fifa, but I thought that was pretty crazy so I picked it up expecting some kind of super janky mess, but it's actually really well made.

I went and did a video about it that you can watch here:

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Yet another sign that the end times are imminent.

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What. The. Fuck.

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Yeah it's super weird that there still are games coming out on the PS2.

I actually found out about it when I was trying to figure out what the last and final PS2 game was, but for the last couple of years Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer have been released on that platform as well as everything else.

2011 also so the release of NBA 2K12, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Destruction and WWE All Stars on PS2.

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I have FIFA10 on the PS2 which I bought for €2. This FIFA13 looks exactly the same. Same graphics, same animations even the menus look pretty much the same. Not unexpected since it is a PS2 game. Even if they don't sell much anymore it doesn't cost them much to just update the roosters and print a new disc. And after all FIFA 2005 did come out on PS1 and FIFA 98 came out on the SNES. The FIFA games always last a long time.

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I had FIFA '99 for the mega drive...get your head around that one!

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You seem far too jaded with modern video games.

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