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    FIFA Soccer 13

    Game » consists of 20 releases. Released Sep 25, 2012

    The latest installment in EA Sports' FIFA series, featuring updated rosters, technical improvements, a more robust feature set for Support Your Club, and a new First Touch mechanic.

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    New Features

    • First Touch Control: Improved stopping and controlling of the ball after receiving a pass. The ball is not linked to the foot but can, depending on the player statistics and situation, bounce of the foot in unpredictable ways. Skilled players however can gain an advantage by directing the ball into the right direction with the first touch.
    • Tactical Free-Kicks : New free kick system with up to three players gathering around the ball. Shot fakes are now available in free-kicks to lure defenders out of the wall. Defenders now have the option to determine the number of player in the wall or where the wall will be standing. Player are even able to (illegally) move the wall forward after the whistle, making it harder for the shooting player but risking a yellow card for the defenders by the referee.
    • Complete Dribble: Dribbling now doesn't work anymore by just changing direction. Body movement of the player while dribbling is not locked to the direction the ball is moving, so ball and player can move in different directions for certain dribble moves (just like in FIFA Street).
    • Advanced Tactical Defending: Players are able to use defenders to deliberately block attackers from getting to the ball. Defenders can use off-the-ball tackling to disturb opposing players while stopping the ball or running in position.
    • Skill Games: separate game mode with leaderboards. Includes mini games for crossing, free kicks, dribbling, shooting and so on.
    • Advanced AI: Players now think several passes ahead in order to anticipate where the ball might go.
    • Kinect Support: Voice only. Allows to change tactics, camera settings, open menus, substitute players and shout insults at your TV (!). For example, if there was a foul and you are shouting an insult at your TV the referee might give you a yellow card for complaining.



    • Game: Adidas All-Star team
    • Amazon: 10,000 football club credit


    • Best Buy: 10,000 football club credit
    • Gamestop: 24 ultimate team gold packs
    • Amazon: Adidas All-Star team

    Support Your Club

    First introduced in FIFA 12, the Support Your Club feature allows the player to declare allegiance for their favorite real-world team and compete in a weekly asynchronous leaderboard. Players earn points for playing matches online or versus the AI, and supporters' groups are ranked according to their team and their league. For example, all worldwide fans of FC Dallas are ranked against fans of all other MLS clubs, and worldwide fans of Manchester United are ranked against fans of all other Barclay's Premier League clubs. The amount of points a player can earn toward their weekly Support Your Club leaderboard is capped at 2000 points per day, and teams appear to be ranked based on a combination of total points and average points per player.

    In FIFA 13, everything you do rewards you with Support Your Club XP, so players are encouraged to sign in daily and max out the 2000 points.

    EA Sports FC Store

    Although many EA Sports games have recently featured unlockable items, FIFA 13 features the first alternate currency system in the series's history, outside of the Ultimate Team feature. As players earn XP for the Support Your Club leaderboard, they gain persistent levels, which unlock different tiers of items in the FIFA Store. Items in the FIFA Store are purchased with FCC, an in-game currency that is awarded for in-game accomplishments such as winning a match, receiving a Team of the Week award in Career Mode, or completing player skill games. Items in the FIFA Store are greatly varied, including licensed items (such as retro team kits, boots and soccer balls for in-game use), goal celebrations, and Virtual Pro stat increases.

    Seasons Mode and Ultimate Team consumables are available for purchase using FCC in the FIFA Store as well. A Seasons Draw consumable gives the player one additional point in their Seasons division, which is used to secure promotion to a higher division or avoid relegation from a lower division. A Seasons Extra Match consumable allows the player to play one extra match in the division, for a chance at up to three extra divisions points. An Ultimate Team Consumables Pile consumable allows the player to have more unused consumable cards in their Ultimate Team deck. An Ultimate Team Points Bonus consumable doubles the Ultimate Team Coins a player earns on their next five matches.

    Like player XP, FCC income is capped at 2000 points per day.

    Match Day

    Match Day is a new feature to the Fifa series that reflects real world events and applies them to teams, players, and game situations. Match Day can be turned on or off for exhibition matches.

    Player Form:

    • Players stats, injury status, suspension status, and overall team form are adjusted weekly

    Favorite Team Fixtures:

    • Once the player chooses a favorite team at the beginning of the first time they play the game, that teams upcoming four fixtures will be available to play from the Match Day menu.

    Games of the Week

    • EA Sports selects five games a week from the upcoming real world fixtures. These matches are typically selected because of their importance or popularity.


    • Unique dialogue between the commentators references current real world match and player performance.

    Ultimate Team

    Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) returns in this installment. The standard Ultimate Team gameplay from previous Fifa entries include card packs and an auction house. Users purchase card packs containing players and consumables through in-game points or real world money. Additional Ultimate team features this year include:

    iPhone/ App

    • For the first time in series history, Ultimate Team has a corresponding iPhone app in which users can manage their team away from the console or computer.

    Updated Players

    • Ultimate Team players are now also updated weekly via the Match Day feature.


    The game features professional leagues from 23 countries (including inferior divisions in some countries), besides national teams and rest of the world teams.

    AustraliaEnglandKorea RepublicPortugalScotland
    AustriaFranceMexicoRepublic of IrelandSpain
    BelgiumGermanyNetherlandsRest of WorldSweden
    BrazilInternational TeamsNorwayRussiaSwitzerland
    DenmarkItalyPolandSaudi ArabiaUnited States

    The national teams include:

    ArgentinaChile*Finland*Korea RepublicPoland*Sweden
    AustriaCote d'Ivore*GermanyNetherlandsRomania*Turkey
    BelgiumCzech RepublicGreeceNew Zealand*Russia*United States
    Bolivia*DenmarkHungary*Northern IrelandScotlandUruguay*
    Bulgaria*Egypt*IrelandParaguay*South Africa*

    * Teams without official Federation logos and kits.


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