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Games That Have Been Released on the Most Platforms

The other day, in the GB Discord, someone noticed that Oddworld New 'n' Tasty has come out on quite a few consoles, with a whopping ten platforms to its name (actually twelve, but at the time the page was missing the game's mobile ports.) This began a short discussion between myself, disruptivenoise, and niflhe wondering what game holds the highest number of release platforms.

After a "quick" stroll through the most noteworthy franchises in gaming, the highest selling games of all time, obscure platform libraries, and any other possible contenders which came to mind, we had assembled a seemingly accurate list of just under 100 games which had at least 13 releases (chosen semi-arbitrarily, as it seemed like a good cut-off point looking at the titles we had assembled at that point.)

Below is that list, in order from least to most releases, alongside a statistic of platforms-per-year-since-release and any thoughts about the game and it's ports which come to mind.

Note: this number is going specifically by GB wiki specifications, including what the wiki considers a platform and separating games where the wiki considers them two different titles. That said, if this list happens to be missing anything, feel free to bring it up.

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