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J.B. Harold: Murder Club, also known simply as Murder Club or Final Murder Club, is a menu-driven adventure game featuring the debut of the titular detective and the first entry in the long-running series of crime solving adventure titles. The game was created by Rika Suzuki, who would later go on to create the Hotel Dusk and Trace Memory series for Nintendo at Cing.

Release History

The game was initially released in Japan for the NEC PC-88 and PC-98 computers in 1986, and then ported to the MSX computer system in 1988. The title was also ported to the Famicom in Japan simply as Murder Club in 1989 and to the Sharp X68000 in 1988, which featured new digitized graphics, mouse support, and an English-language option.

Eventually, a PC DOS version (a port of the PC-98 version) and a Turbografx-CD version (a port of the enhanced X68000 version, with added voice acting and improved English translation) were released in both Japan and the US. Both versions are known by the title J.B. Harold: Murder Club in the North America.

Murder Club would then be remade once again, along with some of its sequels, for Windows computers in 1996 introducing new art assets that would be used in all future ports of the title. After Riverhill Soft went bankrupt, Althi took over development duties for the J.B. Harold franchise and ported Murder Club to mobile phones in 2004, the Nintendo DS in 2008, iOS in 2010 and finally the Nintendo Switch in 2017.


Wealthy philanderer Bill Robbins is found dead in the town of Liberty. The player must deduce the culprit from a large list of suspects who wanted him gone, and solve the murder.


The game is a traditional point and click adventure game, using a menu-driven interface. The player moves around from region to region, investigating hotspots for clues and interrogating suspects and other NPCs in the vicinity.


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