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"A bizarre tale as a murder takes place on screen only to be witnessed the next day. Blends the border between reality and fantasy cleverly a la Perfect Blue and the action soon shifts to Korea, matching its breakneck broadband speed with the pacing of the plot." (Genki)

"Kei is a computer engineer. One day he walks into an internet bar. As he is checking his e-mails, he notices an unknown e-mail with an attachment. That takes him to a site called "Cat's Eyes". There he sees a movie of a man being killed. Not giving it a second though, he dismisses that as a game to pass time. Next day, he sees the exact same murder on the TV news." (Moby)


"Most of the game is happening on a fictional OS desktop where you can further access pre-defined set of applications. Web lets you access 18 different web channels with over 150 home pages which contain various things and mini-games, some to move the story forward, some just to create more believable atmosphere. Mail system keeps all the received e-mails notifying you of new ones and those you read, with ability to delete them if you wish. Data application consists of files and movies. It lets you watch all the movies you have seen so far. The remaining applications are more system oriented, config lets you change game configuration (field, speed, sound, and screen), and the file application is used to save or load a savegame file." (Moby)

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