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Yie Ar Kung-Fu is a one-vs-one fighting game from Konami, and along with Karate Champ is considered one of the earliest pioneers of the genre. Players control Oolong (Lee in the NES version), who must fight all martial arts masters in the game to gain the name of "Grand Master" and honor the memory of his father. The player can combine directions and the two attack buttons (one for kick, one for punch) to land blows on their opponent.



Buchu is a sumo wrestler who uses a leaping motion to land on the player. Buchu's size means he is a slow opponent though. Buchu does not use weapons to fight and he is the first opponent the player faces.


Star is the first female opponent the player faces. She is a ninja dressed in pink who wields shuriken, which slow down the player, as well as an array of punches and kicks


Nuncha attacks the player with nunchuks, dressed in bright yellow. Like Star, his weapon can slow down the player.


Not surprisingly, Pole attacks the player with a pole, which he also uses to vault for extra speed and distance in his attacks.


Feedle is an odd enemy, in that he replicates himself to attack the player from every side. Feedle is not present in the Commodore 64 and some other ports of the game.


Chain starts off the second gauntlet. He attacks the player with a giant chain with a claw weapon attached to the end.


Club wields a large spiked club, and uses a shield to block the player's attacks


Another character whose name is their weapon, Fan throws steel fans at the character, and launches ferocious attacks.


Sword uses a sword, and is adept at launching aerial attacks at the player.


The penultimate opponent, Tonfun tries to best the player using tonfa and martial arts. Key to victory is proper timing and waiting for openings in Tonfun's attacks.


Blues is the final opponent, and looks just like the player character, except he wears no shirt. After defeating Blues, the game starts over again at Buchu.

Characters in NES and MSX ports


Wang is armed with a Pole, but does not use it as effectively as Pole.


Tao throws fireballs and is similar to Star.


Chen is basically a copy of Chain.


A quicker version of Star.


Wu in the MSX version, and Mu in the NES, he is very similar to Buchu, and after he is defeated, the challenge starts again.

Hidden Characters in the GBA version


A woman who uses daggers to attack the player.


A statue whoa attacks with a gigantic sword.


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