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    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Jul 22, 2014

    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty is a remake of the original Oddworld game, Abe's Oddysee.

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    Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty is a complete remake of the first Oddworld game, Abe's Oddysee. While boasting updated graphics, it maintains a similar art style to that of the original. With the game removing the individual screens which was the format of the original game, some puzzles have changed and this has meant that some levels and puzzles have been reworked to fit in better with the new structure. The game also introduces new mechanics which were previously not available during Abe's Oddysee, although used in it's sequels, including a quick save feature and improved gamespeak. Improved gamespeak allows the player to talk to more than one Mudokon at once, which also changes some of the puzzles, making them far easier than before. Because of this, some puzzles have been slightly reworked as to balance this feature, as in Abe's Oddysee, Abe could only have the attention of one Mudokon at a time.

    The PlayStation 4 version of the game was originally released on July 22, 2014. The PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game are set to be released on February 25, 2015. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox One versions of the game are slated for release sometime in March of 2015. The Wii U version of the game was initially developed internally and then later handed off to port house Olde Sküül. It's set for a Fall 2015 release.


    The game takes place in the continent of Mudos, in the land of Oddworld. Home to Mudokons, Glukkons and various wildlife such as Scrabs, Paramites and the now extinct Meeches, in it lies the biggest meat processing plant in Oddworld: Rupturefarms. Administrated by the high ranking Glukkon of the Magog Cartel, known as Molluck, he was faced with a huge dilemma, with profits beginning to fall and the future of Rupturefarms was looking grim. The creatures of Oddworld were running scarce, thanks to the extinction of Meeches and the high in-take of Scrabs and Paramites. Molluck had to come up with a new and daring plan, to help save the future of Rupturefarms. A new kind of meat that would boost sales and create a profit once again. A meat made from their very own 'employees', the Mudokons called Mudokon Pops.

    We follow the story of Abe, a slave of Rupturefarms who is working late one night. Spotting a light through a gap, he sneaks over and listens into board meeting with the Glukkons and overhears Molluck's bold new plan. With a screen showcasing the falling profits, Molluck is confident and reveals their new product to the other Glukkons. Upon the discovery of what New 'N' Tasty really is, Abe flees the scene and is spotted by a camera, which causes Sligs to take chase. Abe must escape and save as many of his other 299 fellow employees in the process, whilst utilizing his power to possess Sligs and guide other Mudokons to safety.

    After escaping RuptureFarms and unaware that he has a destiny, Abe spots a moon in the sky with the paw of his people. Being enchanted by the moon, Abe slips off of a cliff and hits his head. Whilst knocked out, he is confronted by the mysterious tribesman wearing a large mask, known as Big Face. Big Face shows Abe a vision and explains that he must save the remaining workers at RuptureFarms in order to restore the lost land. To do so, he must complete a number of trials in the dark forests of Paramonia and the scorching hot deserts of Scrabania. Upon completed the trials, Big Face bestows a scar on each of Abe's hands, resembling a Paramite and a Scrab. Combined, they allow one to become the mighty and powerful demi-God, known as Shrykull. Once in possession of this power, Abe can return to RuptureFarms and rescue his remaining friends until finally shutting the factory down for good!

    After shutting down all the power, Abe finds himself caught in the board room, where he is knocked out and captured. Taken away by Sligs, he is tied up above a meat grinder, preventing him from chanting and bestowing the power of Shrykull or possessing any Sligs. Meanwhile, Big Face and the freed Mukokons discuss Abe's actions and whether or not he should be saved. It is at this point the game splits into two different endings. Abe's life, in the hands of the Mudokons is determined by how many are saved during the game. Whether or not he lives, is down to them...

    Should Abe save enough Mudokons for them to even consider saving him, they combine their power, causing electricity to form from the sky, striking Molluck and his loyal Slig, either killing them or incapacitating them. With both of them down, Big Face appears and teleports Abe to a ceremony, celebrating his success, where all 99 Mudokons are cheering his name.

    If Abe does not save enough of the Mudokons, he is ultimately left behind by the few who made it back safely. Disgusted with his behaviour, they refuse to help Big Face and leave Abe for dead. Molluck then gives the order for his execution and a Slig pulls a lever, releasing Abe into the meat grinder, killing him.


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