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    Sligs are a race from the Oddworld series. They are one of the main enemies you encounter.

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    Known for being stupid, lazy and brutal, Sligs are the brute force used by Glukkons to guard structures, keep slaves in order and hunt wildlife.

    They primarily wear mechanical pants made by the Glukkons to give them extra mobility but have also been known to use harnesses to fly. They also wear masks for several reasons including enhancing eyesight and protection from many airborne pollutants which Sligs are highly allergic too. It is thought that the Glukkons force them to wear the masks too because of how ugly their faces are.

    Many times they'll be impressed by anyone welding larger weaponry than their own, and will follow orders blindly by  well-armed superiors. A low ranked Slig trying to give orders will be ignored and often mocked. They never get promoted but they can gain a higher status if they use better weapon and shielding which they have to buy themselves.

    Sligs are highly sociable and enjoy talking to each other as well as play cards, smoking and gambling.

    There are steroid-enhanced versions called "Big Bro Sligs" which are considerably stronger and have much greater fire-power. Due to their much larger body size they have to use upgrade 4-legged mechanical pants. They are also equipped with night vision goggles and typically use Blitz packers, the most powerful industrial gun.

    There are many variations of Sligs. They vary from the different weapons, armour and other enhancements they use. They include: Slig Popper,Armored Slig Popper, Slig Bouncer, Armored Slig Bouncer, Big Bro Slig, Armored Big Bro Slig, Flying Slig, Slig Slacker, Crawling Slig, Big Whammy Slig.


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