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    A mythical and invincible beast-god with a half‐Scrab, half‐Paramite appearance. It is worshiped by the Mudokons and is often summoned by their savior, Abe, in times of peril.

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    The Shrykull is the only known deity worshipped by the Mudokons of Oddworld. Its main body resembles a Scrab with the additional limbs and digit-like mandibles of a Paramite. The Shrykull represents creation, destruction, fear and love in Mudokon mythology, but acts primarily as a god of vengeance formed by the spiritual energy of Scrabs and Paramites.

    The Shrykull is very strong and can unleash arcs of lightning to decisively destroy its enemies; however, its awesome power can only be summoned when a set amount of Mudokons have been saved via certain bird portals. The number of Mudokons required is shown in-game by a number inside the bird portals.

    Mudokons who receive the ritual hand-scars of Paramonia and Scrabania are able to take the form of the Shrykull for a brief time. Abe, hero to the Mudokon race, completed the trials of the temples in these areas at the behest of Big Face and wields the Shrykull's power in an effort to free his people.


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