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    The largest meat-processing plant on Oddworld and the first level of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.

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    RuptureFarms 1029 is an enormous meat processing plant that serves as one of the primary locations featured in Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. Molluck the Glukkon, the ruthless boss of RuptureFarms, has enslaved many Mudokons to perform manual labor throughout the plant under exceedingly hazardous working conditions. Molluck keeps his "employees" under control through the heavily-armed Slig security forces that patrol the facility and routinely harass the oppressed Mudokons. Slogs, the voracious dog-like pets of the Sligs, also roam in many areas, particularly around the perimeter fences.

    Few escape attempts from RuptureFarms are successful, and several Mudokon corpses are strung up near the livestock pens on the outskirts of the facility as a deterrent to any would-be escapees. Beyond the edge of RuptureFarms lies the Monsaic Lines, a series of sacred caverns carved with intricate designs by the Mudokons' ancestors.

    The most popular food items produced at RuptureFarms include Paramite Pies and Scrab Cakes. Meech Munchies, once a third staple product, had already been discontinued by the time Abe's Oddysee begins, as the Meech race had been driven to extinction due to excessive harvesting by the Glukkons.

    RuptureFarms was destroyed by Abe and his escaped Mudokon friends at the end of Abe's Oddysee; this event leads directly into the game's sequel, Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus.


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