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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

    Game » consists of 26 releases. Released Nov 02, 2010

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, also known as Winning Eleven 2011, and usually shortened to PES 2011 or WE 2011, will be the new installment in Konami's strongly followed football (soccer) series. It will be released on September 30th in Europe, and on October 5th in the US.

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    • Total Control: An improved and enhanced 360-degree passing ratio. Players will have a great level of control over every pass, shot, headed ball, throw-in, etc.
    • Shot Stamina Gauge: An addition to the power gauge, the new shot stamina gauge will detail the player's level of fitness. Sprinting too often will result in a decline in stats and a loss of pace.
    • New Defender AI:  Defenders will act more naturally and not always opt to chase any ball that enters their zone.
    • Animation and Player Physics: Players will enjoy more natural motions as every in-game animation has been reworked.
    • Speed of Play: The pace of the game will depend entirely on each individual situation.
    • Improved Goalkeepers: Players will have more control over goalkeepers than ever before.
    • Aesthetics:  The game will feature over 1000 new animations. There will be displays of motion blur during replays.
    • Tactics and Strategy:  There will be an all new 'Drag and Drop' tactics screen, where players can be substituted and positioned on the pitch exactly where the player wants.
    • Feint Settings:  There is an increased number of feints and tricks in the game, and players can "link" these together using different combinations of directions on the right analog stick. 
    • Master League Online:  Players will now be able to challenge other managers online with their Master League squad.
    The game will also offer new camera angles and tweaked difficulty levels. New co-commentary will be provided by Jim Beglin, replacing Mark Lawrenson. 


       Konami have confirmed that a demo for the game will be available on PC and PlayStation Network on September 15th. No date has yet been announced for the Xbox 360 demo. 
    A demo for the game is already available for PlayStation Plus subscribers, having been released to them on September 8th, a week earlier than the general release date. 
    The demo allows you to play a 10-minute match with two teams from FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chivas Guadalajara and Internacional. The game speed can also be altered so that the player can play the match at a pace that suits them. The speed can be set between -2 and 2, with the default speed being 0.

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