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    WWE All Stars

    Game » consists of 15 releases. Released Mar 29, 2011

    Legends and current superstars go at it in this over-the-top wrestling game from THQ's San Diego studio.

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    The wrestlers appear to be styled after huge, bulked-up action figures.
    The wrestlers appear to be styled after huge, bulked-up action figures.

    WWE All Stars is an over-the-top wrestling game featuring professional wrestlers from multiple generations, mingling grapplers from the modern era with classic stars from the 1980s and '90s. The game itself, developed by THQ's San Diego studio, is a higher-impact, faster-moving game than the publisher's typical annual offering, SmackDown! vs. RAW.

    In addition to the standard exhibition, versus, and online modes, the game also features story-like ladders, where players select a wrestler and take him through multiple bouts as you climb to a final match for a championship belt. There is also a fantasy mode that pits two specific wrestlers, one from each side of the roster, against each other in an attempt to solve various questions about which one is the all-time great. Players can also create their own wrestlers, which also have the same crazy, bulked-up art style that is used to depict the rest of the cast.

    Some members of the development team working on All Stars previously worked on TNA iMPACT!, a Midway release.

    Despite recent changes made to the WWE's on-air announce teams, WWE All Stars' commentary comes from the classic team of Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross. Introductions are handled by longtime ring announcer, Howard Finkel.


    WWE's gameplay focuses on both strikes and grapples. The game has a very arcade like nature to it, a departure from previous installments which required you to handle such things as stamina. Here, most matches end in K.O.s and the wrestler's moves are largely exaggerated.

    You dispose of both light and heavy strikes as well as light and heavy grapples. These moves can be chained together to create combos and holding down a heavy strike or grapple will make the wrestlers hands glow yellow in preparation for an unblockable attack. Strikes can stun opponents (at which point they glow yellow) lining them up for more hits. These strikes are also area specific meaning that your fighter won't hit the same way if your opponent is near the cage, the turnbuckle or on the ground. You can also climb the turnbuckle to deliver a devastating aerial attack or pick up chairs and other items from around the ring (note that if you are playing any mode but Extreme Rules, six or seven hits with an object will mean an automatic disqualification).

    Grapples are a core element of the gameplay and depend largely on timing. You can perform a light or heavy grapple. Once this grapple is performed, you can switch up your position with the right analogue stick (PS3, PS2 and 360 versions), varying what kind of grapple you will perform. Certain grapples can be chained together especially when an enemy is stunned. A grapple can be done on an enemy who is flying towards you as well as opponents who are on the ground.

    Defense is equally important as grappling or striking. You can block and avoid incoming strikes and grapples. The core of the game's defensive play is centered however around countering. By pressing a button at precisely the right moment, you can turn an opponent's grapple in your favor. The timing is different for each move and requires pin point accuracy.

    There are only 3 ways to win in WWE: All Stars: Pin, KO, and Weapon DQ but, DQs never happen with AI. A pin can be done while your opponent is stunned. He can be stunned by certain grapples or by a signature move, a powerful move that once it lands, cannot be countered(you need a certain amount of energy bar to execute such a move). During the pin, the opponent can free himself by rapidly tapping all possible buttons on the controller and also rapidly moving the left stick in any direction unlike iMPACT which made you flick the stick left and right ONLY when kicking out of pins. Another way to win is by executing a finisher. These unblockable moves become available towards the end of the match and are only KO's when your opponent's life bar is flashing. At this point, you can unleash the finisher that must first go through a taunt before being used. This animation must not be interrupted by any strikes or grapples to activate your finisher and you must strategically place your attack so it cannot be dodged (while the opponent is stunned for example) or you'll have to hit a few moves to get your finish meter maxed out again. Signatures are especially useful here.


    The game features a large variety of fighters. The fighter select screen is split into two halves. The left side is where you will find the Legends, mostly fighters from the 80s and 90s. The right side is where you will find the superstars whom are modern and still active wrestlers under contract at the WWE. You can also create your own wrestler.

    In addition to the game's default roster, Ted DiBiase and Ted Dibiase Sr. ("The Million Dollar Man") have been made available as a pre-order exclusive in North America via GameStop. Additional wrestlers will be made available as paid downloadable content after the game's release.

    WWE Legends:

    WWE Superstars:

    Downloadable Wrestlers:

    Create a Superstar

    As common with other WWE games, All Stars includes a Create-A-Superstar mode. This allows for the creation of new wrestlers using the move sets and finishers of other wrestlers that are included in the game. Along with move sets and finishers, new wrestlers can be given preset entrance animations and nicknames that will be used by the announcers. Unfortunately though, you cannot customize your movesets with specific moves. You can only choose preset movesets of the roster and a finisher. You can unlock finishers as well as alternate ring gear by using the superstar or legend whose finisher you want to use with a created superstar by going though any one of the 3 Paths of Champions.

    Path of Champions Mode

    Path of the Champions is a mode where you can compete in three different ladder style matches consisting of a variety of ten fights each. The three different paths include legends, superstars, and tag team each with its own wrestling "end-boss" storyline who you must beat in order to become the champion.

    • Path of Champions Legends - Undertaker

    • Path of Champions Superstars - Randy Orton

    • Path of Champions Tag Team - D-Generation X

    Fantasy Warfare Mode

    Along with standard exhibition and Path of Legends modes, WWE All Stars also includes a Fantasy Warfare mode. Fantasy Warfare mode gives the player the opportunity to take part in a number of “Fantasy” matches between WWE Legends and Superstars. These matches are usually based on common factors between wrestlers from each generation. Fantasy warfare matches include:

    • Greatest Warrior: Ultimate Warrior vs. Sheamus

    Possessed of raw strength and willpower, these two warriors will stop at nothing to win.

    • Greatest High Flyer: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

    Armed with the grace and power of the luchadors, which of these acrobats will fly higher?

    • Innovative Offense: Ricky Steamboat vs. Kofi Kingston

    These All Stars have dazzled fans around the world with their innovative offensive moves!

    • Perfectly Awesome: Mr. Perfect vs. The Miz

    Two of the greatest narcissists in WWE history collide in a battle of giant egos!

    • Greatest Big Man: Andre the Giant vs. The Big Show

    It's a clash of titans as two of the WWE's biggest big men collide!

    • Superior Lifestyle: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. CM Punk

    Polar opposites with unmatched fighting skills, which would you choose as your role model?

    • Excellence of Execution: Bret "Hit Man" Hart vs. Edge

    Two of the WWE's master technicians turn their incredible skills on one another!

    • Coldest Snake: Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Randy Orton

    These two snakes have struck fear into their WWE opponents. Which is the top predator?

    • Stars and Stripes Showdown: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Jack Swagger

    When two patriotic WWE All Stars clash, fireworks are sure to follow!

    • Biggest Superstar: Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena

    Cheered by millions in the WWE Universe, who is the greatest Superstar in WWE History!

    • Most Charismatic: "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs. John Morrison

    From flashy outfits to cool shades to high-flying moves, these two Superstars have it all!

    • Ruthless Aggression: Jimmy Snuka vs. Kane

    These All Stars fight with a ruthless aggression that spark fear in their opponents hearts!

    • Undisputed: The Rock vs. Triple H

    Only few have ever held the Undisputed Championship! Who was the greatest?

    • Pride of Scotland: Roddy Piper vs. Drew McIntyre

    Highland warfare erupts as two of Scotland's favorite sons face off in the ring!

    • Mr. Wrestlemania: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

    Who is the greatest Main Eventer in WWE? Who deserves the title "Mr. WrestleMania"?

    WWE All Stars Mad Catz Controllers

    Despite WWE All Stars being a wrestling game and not a fighting game, MadCatz has teamed up with the WWE and THQ to release licensed versions of its fighting-friendly hardware with WWE All Stars artwork.

    The BrawlStick
    The BrawlStick
    The BrawlPad
    The BrawlPad

    Xbox 360 Installation

    The amount of memory it takes to install this game is 6.0 GB.


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