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The Undertaker (Mark Callaway) is a Professional wrestler who has worked for WWE for over 20 years. He holds the record for being 21-0 at Wrestlemania before finally being defeated after 2 decades by Brock Lesnar (accompanied by Paul Heyman). Undertaker is the only wrestler still working for the WWE to have appeared on the very first episode of Monday Night Raw. Since Fall 2010 he has been semi-retired, but has still appeared for a several week build-up and eventual match at Wrestlemania every year.

Callaway made his wrestling debut in 1984, and after a few stints in various promotions under such names as Texas Red, Master of Pain, The Punisher, and "Mean" Mark Callous, debuted with the WWF in 1990 as The Undertaker. His first official televised appearance was at the 1990 Survivor Series. For much of the first decade of his career his manager was funeral parlor Paul Bearer. His storyline "brother" Kane made his debut in 1997.

WWE/WWF Career


Undertaker (Phenom) - 1999 Feuding with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
Undertaker (Phenom) - 1999 Feuding with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
  1. Old Western Undertaker
  2. Deadman Grey
  3. Deadman Purple
  4. Phenom (Lord of Darkness/Reaper of Wayward Souls)
  5. Ministry of Darkness
  6. Biker
  7. MMA (Big Evil/ Deadman Inc.)
  8. Deadman/MMA Combination (current character as of 2015)
  9. The Last Outlaw
  10. Apocalyptic Warrior


  • The Chokeslam
  • The Last Ride
  • Tombstone Pile-driver
  • Gogoplata
  • Triangle Choke (Hell's Gate)
Undertaker (Deadman/MMA Combination) 2004 - Entrance
Undertaker (Deadman/MMA Combination) 2004 - Entrance

Titles held within WWE/F:

The 22–1 WrestleMania Record:

Wrestlemania eventOpponentNotes
WrestleMania VIIJimmy 'Superfly' Snuka
WrestleMania VIIIJake 'The Snake' Roberts
WrestleMania IXThe Giant GonzalezWon by Disqualification
WrestleMania XIKing Kong Bundy
WrestleMania XIIDiesel
WrestleMania XIIISycho SidWWE Championship win (No DQ)
WrestleMania XIVKane
WrestleMania XVBig Boss ManHell in a Cell match
WrestleMania X-SevenTriple H
WrestleMania X-8Ric FlairNo DQ
WrestleMania XIXBig Show and AlbertHandicap Match
WrestleMania XXKane
WrestleMania 21Randy Orton
WrestleMania 22Mark HenryCasket Match
WrestleMania 23BatistaWorld Heavyweight Championship win
WrestleMania XXIVEdgeWorld Heavyweight Championship win
WrestleMania 25Shawn Michaels
WrestleMania XXVIShawn MichaelsIf Shawn Michaels lost, he had to retire
WrestleMania XXVIITriple HNo Holds Barred Match
WrestleMania XXVIIITriple HHell in a Cell match - Shawn Michaels as special referee

WrestleMania XXIX

WrestleMania XXX

CM Punk

Brock Lesnar

Finally Broke the Streak

WrestleMania 31

Bray Wyatt

Video game appearances

The Undertaker has appeared in his many costumes throughout the years as a wrestler in video games. He has voiced many of them, featuring taunts, promo cut-scenes and encounters. Despite his uncommon speed and agility for a man his height and weight (6 foot 10, 300 pounds), Undertaker is normally bound to the powerful but slow character type in video games.

WWE All Stars Undertaker and Paul Bearer
WWE All Stars Undertaker and Paul Bearer

Undertaker (and Paul Bearer) had a prominent role in WWE All Stars featuring as the World Heavyweight Champion in the Path of Champions mode. This path is unique as the wrestlers that the player must face on the way to Undertaker are all from the legends half of the game. He has two costumes selectable in All Stars, his third costume (Deadman Purple) and his eighth costume (Deadman/MMA combination).

In WWF Warzone for the Nintendo 64, the Undertaker would taunt the player by saying "The end is near." He would follow this threat by drawing his hand across his throat. In WWF Wrestlemania for the SNES, the Undertaker was also able to throw "spirits" at his opponent and could do a "shadow" choke slam, similar to Mortal Kombat character Johnny Cage's "shadow kick."


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